History E30

The first model of the BMW E30 was produced in December 1981 . Initially, the only version available was a two -door , but the years have produced versions of the four -door, station wagon, convertible, and Top Baur. The final production ended in 1994.


The year 1988 is associated with a change chrome bumpers and parts lists plastic tail light change from narrow to wide, and new air inlets with fog lights.


Production of the BMW E30 was dedicated mainly to the European market , Japanese, American and South African. Number E30 car market drops significantly , so neat copies acquire value and are popular . The successor to the E36 model is manufactured in 1990, However, due to the popularity of new art E30 came out on the market until 1992 , and the station wagon version for 1994.


The E30 model manufacturer offers a highly durable and made ​​from the highest quality materials gasoline engines and diesel engines. Engines with capacities ranging from 1.6 L to 2.7 are marked with the following order: m10 , m20 , m21 , m40 , s14 , and meet the requirements of even the most demanding drivers . The six units consume fuel in the range of about 13 l/100 km , while the four-cylinder 8 -10 l/100 km.


When you use a vehicle, be sure to operate and maintain the correct principles of operation. Admission to clogged oil ducts resulting in a faster start taking head components . Furthermore it is usually inappropriate to adjust parameters of the technical requirements of oil of the engine ( e.g., too thick liquid) . It is recommended to also change timing belts , together with all necessary elements before the period of operation provided by the manufacturer , it is not conditional on the strength of the material in the projected period.