Undercarriages are the most vulnerable elements of the car for damage and wear. They are under constant atmospheric conditions, and are susceptible to damage caused by the poor state of Polish roads. Suspension is responsible for the comfort and care of our security and co-operation with the driver while driving, so it is important immaculate condition of our chassis.


To meet the expectations of customers, we offer the highest quality chassis components such as:

  1. Arms 
  2. Stabilizer bars 
  3. Mangles 
  4. Sledge suspension 
  5. Shafts 
  6. Differentials (rear axles) with different ratios 
  7. Drive shafts 
  8. Fuel tanks 
  9. Coil springs 
  10. Shock Absorbers 
  11. Columns McPhersonów 
  12. The rear beam 
  13. Brake Pads 
  14. Brake discs 
  15. Brake calipers